Describe in detail

Like in an offline shop, you must provide as much information as you can to your buyer if you want to win his confidence!

Here are some advices on how to describe your product properly:

1. Write a catchy title
Title is what makes the buyer interested in your product and eventually willing to buy it. Here are some tips on how to create good titles :

  • State what the product is in simple terms
  • Avoid special characters
  • Avoid catalog numbers and product codes
  • Add further details such as color, pattern and size



2. Describe item specifics
The description of your product must be clear, precise and as accurate as possible. To create good descriptions, remember to always:

  • Provide product details such as features, benefits, dimension, fabrication, materials…
  • Use between 50 and 500 characters in your description
  • Include details that only concern the product! No need to include contact information or billing information or anything like that. Just focus on describing the product with enough details
  • Perform a spelling check and carefully reread for any typos or wrong product details
  • Make sure that the description details whether the product is new or already used


3. Include in your item features:

  • For High-Tech: category, power, capacity, size, official name of the product, condition
  • For Fashion: brand, fabric, condition
  • For Health & Beauty: brand, goal and effect of the product, capacity of the container
  • For Home Appliance: brand, condition, capacity, power, size, intended use


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