Discover the Seller Pathway

Remember that the more you sell, the more support and rewards you get from Kaymu !

Kaymu is helping you to :

  1. Increase your sales
  2. Generate more profit
  3. Generate great customer experience

Here are some tips on how to improve your performance :

  • Make your online shop more attractive in order to increase orders
  • Decrease your delivery time to increase customer satisfaction
  • Manage the feedbacks of your customers and answer to their questions

As your performance improve, you climb up the seller pathway from bronze to silver, gold, and finally diamond.


As you climb the seller grading system, you get additional benefits, including:

  • More onsite visibility and marketing campaigns: Having a better seller grade gives you more visibility on Kaymu´s website, our Newsletter, Facebook & Google marketing campaigns, as well as our own campaigns. Kaymu invests in you!
  • Additional support: Kaymu gives you insight that can help you define the right sales strategy. For this, we have developed easy-to-use tools that provide you with valuable data
  • Help on listings: We want to help you to have an attractive shop on Kaymu. We therefore provide support assistance on how to upload good quality pictures, write great product descriptions and price your products correctly

Start Selling Now!

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