Get listing exposure

Listing exposure is essential for increasing sales on Kaymu !

There are different ways of getting listing exposure on Kaymu:

Write appropriate product content
If you want your products listed as top search results of Kaymu, you should focus on creating good content when adding a product on the website:

1. Choose accurate title : 

  • For branded and famous products, make sure that the title includes the brand and the model (for example: “Jean Levis 501”)
  • For non-branded products, you should detail the function (for example :“Fitness Belt”)

2. Optimize your product description :
Your commercial description needs at least 150 words to be really efficient. You may have to use : 

  • Technical and precise information of your products
  • Action words (“buy online”, “have it delivered” etc…)
  • Unique identifiers (ex: ISBN code for books)

3. Create links:
Blogs or social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are very efficient to optimize the visibility of your products. Share your products as much as possible and urge people to visit your store. It could be on your Facebook page, on your friend’s Facebook page etc… The words that are linked should be relevant to the destination (“visit my store”, “see other item” etc…).


Get good ratings from your buyers
Buyer ratings give you access to premium listing, homepage space and search optimization provided by Kaymu. In order to obtain good ratings you need to provide good customers service:

  • Deliver the product you advertise
  • Ensure quick shipping
  • Communicate with your buyer

Start Selling Now! 

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