How to get paid ?

Cash On Delivery is a safe and secure payment method!

On Kaymu, your client pays you at delivery of the product. 

Cash on Delivery
Cash on Delivery is the most popular payment methods with Kaymu buyers. 

How does it work?
COD (Cash on Delivery) is a payment option that allows the buyer to pay when the product is delivered to him. Once the courier has received the money from the buyer either of two things can happen:

  • If the seller is using the Kaymu’s trusted partner (AIGX) to deliver the product: The money will be transferred to Kaymu who will return the money to the seller after deducting the appropriate commission and delivery charges
  • If the seller is using personal shipping: The money is given directly to the seller by the delivery company. The seller will then transfer the appropriate commission to Kaymu

Remember that COD is the main method of payments in use in Pakistan and is widely accepted.

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