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An invoice is a paper used for reference purpose that needs to be sent to the buyer. An invoice normally includes the list of purchased items, the price of each item, the delivery costs, the sub total cost, any tax calculation and the total amount that needs to be paid. This kind of document is provided by the seller and should accompany each purchase.

Invoicing a customer
Make sure you are correctly invoicing your customer. Invoice should clearly indicate the amount the buyer needs to pay and the date of the purchase.

  • Be sure to record how much your buyer must pay and the date of the purchase
  • Send out the invoices by mailing it to the buyer or including it into the package, which is the most effective way. Make sure that you clearly indicate what the buyer is paying for as well as your company name and the date 
  • Always remember to thank your buyers for the business made and for the good rates they give you

What should be on the invoice:

  • Your company’s name, address, email and phone number
  • The customer’s name, address, email and phone number
  • An invoice number that is composed of the date at which it is submitted
  • The date at which the goods where delivered to the customer
  • The name and description of the product
  • Date, quantity, price of items that were delivered and the delivery costs
  • Payment instructions: Payment on Delivery, Wire Transfer (in that case, provide your buyer with bank account number and all the details needed), Prepayment via Kaymu Safepay…
  • A note asking the buyer to give you a rating

Below is an invoice example : 


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