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Kaymu offers buyers the opportunity to leave feedback to sellers after each transaction. This feedback is given under the form of stars from 1 (very bad) to 5 (excellent) with the option to write a short comment.

Good feedback is what differentiates you from other Kaymu sellers. Our experience has shown that it helps you to attract more buyers and generate more sales! 

All potential customers on Kaymu are able to see the rating of each seller, which strongly influences their buying decision.

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How to improve ratings?

1. Deliver the product you advertise
The first step to get customers satisfaction is to make sure that the product you are selling corresponds to the product the customer is expecting. For this, you should make sure to : 

  • Provide a precise, accurate and comprehensive description of the product
  • Provide pictures to support the description
  • Make sure to use appropriate packaging to avoid damages during delivery

Product12. Ensure quick shipping
Delivery time is a crucial element to customer satisfaction and therefore, it is the best way to increase seller rating. You should:

  • Dispatch the product as soon as you receive the order
  • Inform your buyer if there is delay in the delivery

Fast deliveryOn the other hand, if your customers have to wait a long time to receive their products, they will be likely to cancel your order or give you a low rating, which means few customers for you in the futur, and less money.

3. Communicate with your buyer
Being close to your customer is essential to generate a good buying experience . You should:

  • Contact your product as soon as you receive an order
  • Make sure you answer to your buyer’s questions over the phone or through the Kaymu messaging system

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Keep in mind that customers are more willing to give ratings following a negative buying experience!

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