Manage stocks

Manage your stocks properly and update your listings to avoid delays and buyer’s cancellation!

It is very important that you always update the stocks information of your listings. If you are running out of a product in your shop, notify it on Kaymu. Remember that listing your actual stock allows to avoid the situation where a buyer orders products you don’t have anymore, which generally leads to delays in the dispatch, bad ratings and lower sales. 

1. Go to “My Listing”
“My Listings” allows you to view and manage all your current and previous listings.

2. Go to “Edit Listing”
In your “Active Listings”, click on “Edit Listing”.

Then click on “Edit listing information”.

MS3 copie

3. Set a new total quantity

MS4-2 copie

Remember to regularly update the level of your stocks to ensure the timely delivery of your orders. In this section you can also access the key details of your products such as price or listing duration.

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