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Access your listings:
After listing a product on Kaymu, you can access your listing by login on Kaymu and clicking on “My Listings”.


For managing your listing, you have access to the three following sections:  

1. “Active listings”:
You have the possibility to either modify your listed products by clicking on “Edit Listing”, or you can also cancel the listing by clicking on “Cancel Listing”.

In “Edit Listing”, you will have the possibility to change the information relative to your product. Click on “Edit product information” to manage the description of your product (title, general information) and on “Edit listing information” to manage your listing (price, listing duration…)


You can adjust the details of your products once your listings are published:

  • Edit product information:


  • Edit listing information:


2. “Waiting for approval”
In the “Waiting for approval” section, you have access to all your listings that are waiting to be approved by our Quality Check Team before going online. Note that you will receive an e-mail once listings are approved and live.

3. “Inactive listings”:
The listings you cancelled are in the “Inactive listings” section. Note that you can reactivate products by clicking on “relist”. 


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