Price your product right

Pricing your products correctly increases your chances of selling and gives you more visibility on Kaymu!

When a customer is thinking of buying something on the internet the price is a major factor. It usually affects the decision by 50%. If one of your products is expensive, the chances for you to sell it decreases considerably. Moreover, when you set the price of a product, remember to always consider the shipping costs that will be charged to the buyer by the delivery company. 

Determine the right value of your product

  • Check prices of other sellers on Kaymu and on other websites in the country


  • Ask yourself: “If I wanted to buy the products on this shop, how much would I be willing to pay?”
  • If one of your product is not sold after 2 weeks, it may be because the price you chose is too high

Set a competitive price
Always try to set the most competitive price for your product, especially if:

  • Buyers can find the same product in nearby stores
  • Buyers can find the same product on other websites and on Kaymu

Remember that promotions increase your visibility on Kaymu
Launching a promotion on Kaymu offers you an increased visibility. The items in your shop can be promoted on Kaymu’s homepage, Google and Facebook marketing campaigns and in our newsletters.


 Start Selling Now!

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