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You always have something to sell on Kaymu! 

Kaymu has more than ten product categories! Computers, Laptops, Electronics’ accessories, Jewelry, Watches, Books, anything for Home & Living… anything you have can be sold on Kaymu. Here are some tips and best practices to help you selling popular items on Kaymu such as Fashion, mobile phones and tablets: 

At Kaymu Pakistan you can sell a diverse collection of latest clothing in Pakistan for Men & Women. Be it men’s clothing, dress shirts, t-shirts, dress pants for men, trousers, Pakistani shalwar kameez and other men’s accessories. Also women’s dresses, women’s lawns, women’s shalwar kameez and women’s accessories such as ladies handbags, abayas, scarves or anything else.


  • Download our Fashion selling guide by clicking here

Mobile phones and tablets

Combine the ease of web browsing with the services of to have the perfect experience of online shopping for mobiles in Pakistan. You want to buy the latest mobile phone model but you still have one which works perfectly well? 

Kaymu offers you a solution: sell your old mobile and make money. It is important you specify that you are selling a “used item”. Remember to always provide clean pictures to make the buyer aware of the item conditions.


  • Download our Electronic selling guide by clicking here

Banned items
As regional laws and regulations apply to the seller, it is also necessary to restrict or forbid transactions for various items. If the sale or ownership of an item is regulated or prohibited by your country, Kaymu will not permit its listing.

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