Take pictures that sell

When you sell online, remember that pictures are determinant to attract buyers!

Take good pictures to capture your buyer’s attention. To do so, you have two options:

If you are selling a well known product, find a picture on the Internet
If your product is well known, you can find a picture on the Internet (for example on online catalogs). Make sure that the picture you found is exactly the same product that you are selling (color, brand…).

  • Catalog images can only be used for brand-new items
  • Make sure that there is no watermark on the picture

2. If you are selling a used product, take pictures of the product
Here are the tips on what kind of pictures of your product attract buyers:

  • Put your product in front of a plain backdrop


  • Be sure that the entire product is visible in the picture


  • Take at least one picture for each article (one picture for each color of the same product)


  • Take photos of your product from various angles
  • Turn off the flash of your camera and enlighten the product uniformly
  • Use the high-quality settings of your camera

 Start Selling Now! 

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