Top 10 growth strategies

Increase your sales and provide your buyers with an excellent shopping experience by following the top 10 growth strategies of Kaymu ! 

1. Write effective titles and detailed descriptions
Effective titles contain keywords which highlight the main features of the items such as brand name, condition, model number, color etc. Descriptions should be accurate and honest. 

Discover how to describe in detail by clicking here.

2. Take pictures that sell
Taking great pictures of your product is essential to become a successful seller on Kaymu. Here are some tips that will help you to attract more buyers:

  • Use a white background
  • Turn off the flash of your camera and enlighten the product uniformly
  • Put your camera on a flat surface
  • Use the high-quality settings of your camera
  • Shoot your item from various angles

Discover how to take pictures that sell by clicking here.

Good-bad-picture3. Price your product right
Buyers are generally searching for low prices and low shipping charges. In pricing your items lower than your competitors, you strongly increase your chances of selling them.

Discover how to price your product right by clicking here.

4. Maintain great feedback
Remember that buyers pay close attention to seller ratings before purchasing a product. Make sure to be professional and to provide efficient delivery in order to maintain great feedbacks. Seller ratings are normally affected by the following criteria:

  • Deliver the product you advertise
  • Ensure quick shipping
  • Communicate with your buyer

Discover how to maintain great feedback by clicking here.

5. Ensure your return policy is efficient
Address each of the following topics in your return policy:

  • Set a buyer-friendly limit: To attract as many buyers as possible, we suggest you offer them 30 days for returning the product
  • Determine the refund or exchange methods: “Money back” is the most common type. You can also offer a “Money back or exchange” option if you have the same items in multiple sizes or colors
  • Determine who will bear the shipment costs: Clearly state in your conditions who must pay for return shipping. It can be you or the buyer
  • Precise conditions for returning item: Clearly state the returned item’s required conditions. For example, “Unopened box” or “Opened box with all original materials”

Also see how to set a return policy by clicking here.

6. Be flexible with the delivery options you propose
Attract more buyers by allowing them to choose the shipping service they prefer. Three o
ptions are available : 

  • Pick-up from seller
  • Kaymu’s Trusted Delivery Partners
  • Seller’s own delivery methods

Some practices are highly recommended in order to maintain a good level of satisfaction : 

  • Use a Kaymu trusted Delivery Partner. Click for checking our trusted carriers
  • Provide the buyer with a tracking number if the delivery company gives you one. Click on the following link for more information on tracking
  • Pack your item carefully. For more information, click on packing

7. Log into “My Account” every day
Check “My sales” in your account regularly and make sure to follow the right steps for each new sale. Remember to always update the status of your order. Reply to messages received from buyers via your Kaymu mail account. When the sale has been completed, remember to ask for a rating and a feedback by following up with your buyer. 

8. Communicate frequently with the buyer
Once you received an order, immediately call your buyer. Then, stay in contact with him to complete each step of the sale process. Remember to always be courteous and honest to your buyer in order to go through the transaction without any problem.

9. Manage your stocks level
Always keep your stocks updated on your listing in “My Account”. Having stocks updated on Kaymu ensure that you are able to deliver the items when purchased and to keep your buyers satisfied. Find some tips on how to improve the management of your stocks by clicking here

10. Get familiar with the website
Buying items on the website allows you to understand the buyer experiences on Kaymu and to know how you can improve your service.

For any question on how to improve your sales, please fell free to contact our team.

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