Providing a tracking number for your customers is important to give them visibility on the status of the delivery.

How does tracking works?
Tracking is a system used by leading couriers to provide the position of an item during the delivery process to both sellers and buyers. Each individual package has a unique delivery ID number which is shared by the logistic company.

An order can be “in transit”, “out for delivery”, or “delivered or failed delivery attempt”. This is very helpful for reducing customer enquiries and improving satisfaction.

Why is tracking important and how do both sellers and buyers benefit from it ?
The buyer benefits from tracking as it gives access to reliable information concerning the progress of his order. It is very helpful for building trust between sellers and buyers and leads to higher satisfaction and more purchases. As a matter of fact, tracking will reward the most efficient sellers.

Thanks to tracking, sellers are also able to monitor the couriers performance and choose the best option for the delivering of his products.

Remember that in some countries tracking is not available. In this case, it is required to call the logistic company to ask for information about the position of the item during the delivery process.

Tracking benefits

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