Wholesale Selling

Why be a Kaymu wholesale seller?

  • Sell higher volume per order : Create big pack/bundle of products (ex: pack of 20 T-shirts)
  • Get access to our strong community of buyers all across the country : Growing demand of retailers to purchase wholesale bundle ! 
  • Enjoy our specific marketing promotions to give your products more visibility
  • No upfront payment : You don’t pay us anything until your buyer receives the product
  • Benefit from a 50% discount on our regular commission rates : We charge you only half of the usual fees

How to become a wholesale seller?

  • Have enough stock of the products you want to make a bundle with
  • Respect a minimum number of units, as shown in the board below
  • Keep title, description and image as clear as possible : Specifying in title the number of products per pack and the size & colors available in description 
  • Bundle also means getting better price for the buyer  : The price per unit needs to be at least 15% lower than your Kaymu listed price for the same single product. The more units you have in a bundle, the lower the price per unit should be. Ex: price/unit of a 50 products bundle < price/unit of a 25 products bundle
Category* Minimum Units/WS Bundle
Clothing (Men & Women) 20
Perfumes (Men & Women) 10
Cosmetics Low Value (<10 Euros/piece) 24
Cosmetics High Value (>10 Euros/piece) 12
Shoes (Men & Women) 10
Watches (Men & Women) 10
Men Accessories (Belts, Wallets, Sunglasses) 10
Women Sunglasses 10
Women Handbag & Clutches 10
Books 10
Low Value Electronics 10
Flash Drives & Memory Cards 15
Selfie Sticks 10
Computer Accessories 10
High Value Electronics 5
Cameras 5
Mobiles 5
Home Appliances (Juicers etc) 5
Hair Dryers, Clippers & Shavers 24

*If a category is not listed above please refer to the most similar category for minimum bundle size.

More Guidelines on wholesale selling here ! 

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